A Message from ONA's First Vice-President

Elections Canada

Find all the official information you need to vote, including the name of your riding (electoral district) and the names of the candidates who’ll be on your ballot.

CBC’s Vote Compass

Vote Compass is a tool developed by political scientists for exploring how your views align with those of the political parties.

Stop Pretending. Choose care not cuts.

Canada’s, through the Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions, nurses have launched a national public engagement campaign and website to ensure the ongoing underfunding of public health care is a top-of-mind issue during the federal election.

The campaign and its online tools are designed to make it easy for nurses and members of the public to advocate to candidates of all parties about the urgent need for Canadian governments to invest in the country’s health care system.

Canadian Health Coalition

Thee Canadian Health Coalition has identified 4 main issues it wants federal candidates to talk about and take a strong stand on:

  1. Keep health care public
  2. Pharmacare
  3. Fair funding for health care
  4. Seniors’ care

Learn more about the Coalition’s 4 priorities and campaign tools: