Indigenous Health and Wellness

New Democratic Party

Fully implement Jordan’s Principle to end the delays and ensure equitable access to health services and educational supports for Indigenous children.

Close the health gap in Indigenous communities, and support Indigenous health self-determination.


Conservative Party

No specific commitments have been made with respect to Indigenous health and wellness.

Liberal Party

Co-develop distinctions-based Indigenous Health legislation – backed with the investments needed to deliver this care – and continue to work with Indigenous communities to ensure Indigenous control over the development and delivery of services.


Green Party

Uphold Jordan’s Principle in full, ensuring Indigenous People receive the health care they need without being delayed by bureaucratic disagreements over jurisdiction.

Implement Calls to Action 18-24 from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, improving health care for Indigenous Peoples.

Support First Nations, Métis and Inuit in (re)building traditional knowledge systems around healing and wellness, including the formal inclusion of traditional healing within mental wellness and home and community care programs.



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