Messages from the Leaders




New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh

“We need to work towards a health care system that covers us from head to toe. Under our plan, Canadians will see a historic expansion of the services covered under our national health care system for the 21st century.”




LPC.jpgLiberal Party leader Justin Trudeau

"We've done a lot together these past four years, but the truth is, we're just getting started. So Canadians have an important choice to make. Will we go back to the failed policies of the past, or will we continue to move forward?"


CPC_OfficialPhoto.pngConservative Party leader Andrew Scheer

“I have a plan for a government that will live within its means so that we can leave more money in your pocket because it’s time for you to get ahead.”







GPC_OfficialPhoto.jpgGreen Party leader Elizabeth May

“The time for status-quo short-term politics, where every party goes out to beat their own drum and kick the others in the shins, is over. It’s time to find common ground where we can work together because Canada isn’t a country divided.
We’re one family.”


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