Canada Health Act / Health Human Resources

New Democratic Party

Uphold and enforce the Canada Health Act, especially against the creeping threat of privatization and user fees.

Act immediately to prevent the sale of blood products and to make sure that people can access abortion in all regions of the country.

Work with the provinces and territories to tackle wait times and improve access to primary care across the country.

Identify coming gaps in health human resources and make a plan to recruit and retain doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

Develop and support violence prevention strategies to protect front-line staff and ensure a safe working environment.


Conservative Party


Liberal Party


Advance Canada’s first-ever National Action Plan on post-traumatic stress injuries. **Note: front-line nurses who provide direct patient care and suffer from PTSD are not included as first responders.



Green Party


Reorient Health Canada’s mandate towards mental health and addictions, health promotion and disease prevention, and the health risks of climate change.

Encourage medical associations to train health-care professionals to understand and engage with climate change related health threats.

Protect our public blood system by prohibiting for-profit blood collection services and removing barriers to blood donations not based on science.


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