10 Things You Can Do

Ten things you can do to have your voice heard in this election:

  1. Do you have the information you need to vote? Check the Elections Canada website to make sure you have everything you need to vote.

  2. Find out who the local candidates are in your riding (electoral district) and where the candidates stand on issues related to health care.

  3. Connect with your ONA Regional Election Leader about what actions you can take in your area to get out the nurse vote (e.g. help by volunteering at a phonebank).

  4. Read our factsheet explaining the importance of the federal election to provincial health issues and share it with your colleagues. 

  5. Read our comparison of the political parties' commitments and see where each of the parties stand on the important issues in health care and nursing.

  6. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper informing your community and the media of the issues you face as a nurse or health-care professional. Here's a sample text to get you started—remember to personalize your letter.

  7. Attend an All Candidates' Meeting in your community and ask questions that put nursing and health care front and centre. Read ONA president Vicki McKenna's letter to our union's members, and use this document to inspire your question asking.

  8. Discuss the election with co-workers, friends, and family using our comparison of the political parties' commitments to get the facts!

  9. Vote in advanced polls or on Election Day (Monday, October 21). Find out how and where on the Elections Canada website.

  10. Volunteer to phone ONA members at one of our regional phone banks. Email onamail@ona.org if you have time to help on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.


ONA Regional Election Leaders

Region 1
Alisha Byrnes, Sault Ste Marie – AlishaB@ona.org
Kristy Johnston, Sudbury – KristyJ@ona.org
Rhonda Millar, North Bay – RhondaM@ona.org
Diane Parker, Thunder Bay – DianePar@ona.org
Lucie Raymond, Timmins – LucieR@ona.org

Region 2
Alicia Brethour, Maynooth/Peterborough – AliciaB@ona.org
Sarah Cowin, Coburg/Kingston – SarahC@ona.org
Josh Legere, Coburg/Kingston – JoshL@ona.org
Rachel Muir, Ottawa – RachelM@ona.org
Jean Pilon, Martintown – JeanP@ona.org

Region 3
Heather Crawford, Toronto – HeatherC@ona.org
Margarita Klerides, Toronto – MargaritaK@ona.org
Sandra Campbell, Ajax – SandraC@ona.org
Lori Lopes, Whitby – LoriL@ona.org
Lisa Romano, Toronto – LisaR@ona.org
Claudia Cheng – ClaudiaC@ona.org

Region 4
Melanie Holjak, Hamilton – MelanieH@ona.org
Heather Roberts, Guelph – HeatherR@ona.org
Sandra Sprenger, Fonthill – SandraS@ona.org
Sarah-Jane Wilke, Kitchener – SarahJaneW@ona.org

Region 5
Jo-Dee Brown, Windsor – JoDeeB@ona.org
Teresa Grover-Kelley, London – TeresaGK@ona.org
Steven McLean, London – SteveM@ona.org
Vicky Myers, London – VickyM@ona.org